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The National Valve Museum





3413 Valve Exhibits eg PX25 classic audio power triode     new visitor? try here or here as a start
Actual Year Introduced if known or Approximate Decade
Base Type eg Footless etc. or pin numbers
Construction pinch, Planar etc. / envelope shape eg Catkin
Electrode System eg triode or beam tetrode etc.
Exhibits with PDF data-sheets
Heater Characteristics heater/filament voltage or current
Makers Design Purpose audio, radio, TV etc.
Valves by Make + some company details eg Mullard or Cossor
Update history or all valves in one long list
Collections, Museums & Links
eg The Liverpool Collection or G8LSD Collection


Vintage Adverts and Boxes
eg BTH LF407 box or Mullard's EL84 audio pentode advert


Technical articles or Films
re-published. eg Mullard 5-10 amplifier or Cossor 'Tin Hat' Valves


Valve Equivalents & References
valve types, dates, electrode system and characteristics


Timeline of Valve History
eg 1929 Olympia Show or the Wireless World review of 1919