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The Friends Site

I will email a username and password within a day or two of your donation.

The friends site will be updated most months. For each update, friends receive an email that gives details of the additions and enhancements. An archive of these updates can be found here.

Please allow a couple of days from making a donation to receiving your access codes. This manual approach reduces hosting charges.

Retirement means more time to enlarge the museum but less cash to invest into the project. It is possible that more advertising may be sought for the r-type site in the future.

Memory Cards

By December 2013 the museum had outgrown the two DVD set and a new delivery method for the off-line version was required.

Fast solid state memory cards have been getting faster and cheaper. The 64GB Class 10 SDHC card offers the best price/performance at the moment and so that is how the off-line copy of the museum is now delivered.

ISO files are used as the file format puts all of the 100,448 files into a single 30 GB file that is verified to be accurate. The current Windows operating system contains the software for 'mounting' the image as if it were a disc drive. You can then save the main index file as a shortcut on the desktop and have fast access to all aspects of the museum - even faster than the on-line friends site.

As the museum in ISO format is supplied as a single file it is possible to safely copy the data from the SDHC card to your local hard disc for the fastest access. However, you will need about 30 Gb of space.

The .ISO file is too large for FAT32. exFAT with 8kb block size will be supplied as this can be read by Linux, MAC and Windows. If you would like the NTFS file system for windows - just ask.

If you prefer to use a USB key or a CF (Compact Flash) card in place of the SDHC card please email me and we can arrange.

Please note that the ISO file cannot be upgraded by a download, you need to return the card for new data to be written to it - plus a small donation - please.


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