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Observations on the ARP12

Further information from Robert Coleman.
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An ARP12 aka CV1331.

Further observations about the army ARP12 receiving pentodes. Four of them are used in the WS38 portable army set.

The WS38 uses all four ARP12's for receive, but on transmit there is a changeover by multiple wafer T/R switch. In TX mode one ARP12 may be used for the microphone pre-amplifier and two more in the transmitter proper.

There were also tropicalised ARP12's with shellac varnish inside.

The WS38 has a single ATP4 output transmitting valve. In the WS18 there is an AR8

The WS38 could be converted to work on the 40M Amateur Band. An HT of 150 Volts could be used.

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