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Marconi DEQ triode detector from 1923. Intact filament - rare!
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www.r-type.org has always been free to use, but running the museum has costs that exceed the small amount of paid advertising. If you support the museum as a friend you gain access to the full size exhibit images, films and larger vintage adverts, as well as a monthly update email and advanced search to help identify unknown valves.
⚪ Stats as of 30/06/2023 ⚪
⚪ 7,501 valve exhibits with a total of 22,440 exhibit pictures ⚪
⚪ 4,993 data sheets, 13,336 equivalents, 48 vintage films, 520 articles, 204 mini features ⚪
⚪ 1,806 makers adverts and 424 boxes ⚪
⚪ British Radio Valves: 1916 - 1960. Keith R Thrower ⚪
⚪ 2022 Supplement: Data on 6,500 valves ⚪
To support the museum as a friend the minimum donations are: £7.00 for six months, £12.00 for a year or £25.00 for three years.
The museum (as an ISO file on a 64 Gb SDHC card) and two years as a friend of the museum is available from £34.00.
Email contact: allan@virtual-museums.org
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The Valve Museum depends on your support to grow and remain on-line subscription free.
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