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VHF Valve Anode Connector

Wireless World, January, 1955.
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Top anode connectors for VHF transmitting valves made by Power Controls.

A new product of interest to users of VHF equipment is an anode connector for transmitting valves such as the QQV06-40, 829, 832 and similar types with top anode pins. It is made of silver-plated brass, measures 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.313 in and while being massive enough to provide effective cooling of the anode pins adds little to the capacitance of the anode circuit.

Its construction and method of fitting are shown clearly in the illustration, which shows also the 6-BA tapped hole providing the means of connecting to the external anode circuit.

Made by Power Controls, Ltd., Exning Road, Newmarket, Cambridge (one of the Pye group of companies) the price is provisionally 2s 3d each, but is subject to adjustment for quantities.

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