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The first picture, above left, is of one of our ECC83's and was taken in early 2000. The camera used was a Canon T70 with Canon prime lenses and 3200K tungsten studio lighting gear. The technique had taken six weeks to evolve and the prints back from the lab looked fine. The image was then scanned and processed with Photoshop 4.0 to achieve the result shown.

The second picture, in the middle, was taken in early 2004, it is the same valve that was featured in the first photograph. The camera this time is an Olympus E20 5 MegaPixel digital camera. The image was loaded into the same Photoshop 4 and processed to give the picture. The lighting this time is a Bowens studio monobloc flash of great age. Getting the balance right with the new camera had taken many months.

The third picture, on the right, was taken in late 2009. The exhibit is housed in a light tent with a Bowens Prolite 60 on either side. The Olympus E20 is still the museum camera. Last year the once £1,400 E20 was available on ebay for just over £100 and a backup was added to the equipment list. The image was processed in Photoshop elements 6.0 from the original 9 Mb .RAW image.

The Olympus E20P digital SLR

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