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British Radio Valves The Classic Years: 1926 - 1946

A history by Keith Thrower.
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The book provides a comprehensive overview of valves available in the UK from both British and foreign manufacturers.

With 340 pages and many black and white illustrations.

Available from the publishers

4 Mapledene, Caversham, Reading RG4 7DQ
0118 947 4813

ISBN 978-0-9537166-3-0

  • Background to the manufacturers and suppliers

  • Valve progress and development over a 20 year from the simple battery- operated triode to the modern multi-electrode valves

  • Details of more than 4,000 valves from over 50 suppliers

  • Photographs of over 1,000 valves

  • Tables show details of the various ranges of valves, together with their dates of introduction

  • Extended sections on audio power valves

  • Post Office valves for telephone repeaters and radio stations

  • Valves produced for the three Armed Services, including special types for radar applications

  • Extensive references

  • Separate data supplement with base connections

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