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Valve Adverts from Radio Times October 5, 1923

Radio Times, London, October 5, 1923.
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A rare copy of the second edition of the Radio Times was lent to the museum by Steve Shiels in May 2019.
Front cover.
Inside front cover.

In 1920 the average factory worker earned in the UK about £4.0.0 per week. The Marconiphone receiver at £22.8.0 was totally out of reach for the majority of the population.

So when broadcasting began in the UK most listeners made their own receivers and the six companies who owned the shares in the British Broadcasting Company were also the major players in the valve industry.

  • Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company
  • Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Company
  • Radio Communication Company
  • The British Thomson-Houston Company
  • The General Electric Company
  • Western Electric Company

Thus valve adverts were an important aspect of radio at the time.

The woman's hour that began in 1923 is still a feature of the BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

Woman's Hour.

Programming for children featured the 'Uncles'. In the 1950s and up to 1964 the weekend program Children's Favourites was presented by Uncle Mac (Derek McCulloch). In 1967 Radio One was introduced as a pop music Top Forty format station and the children's request show became Junior Choice presented by DJ Ed Stewart.

Children's Corner.
When Ignorance is Bliss
The passenger (who has been listening at the ventilator): 'Sailor, can you tell me what time these wireless concerts commence?'.

A new technology will confuse. The depiction of the woman is also a social comment of the day.

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