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The S4145B camera tube was rescued from a JVC colour video camera type GX-N5E. The Newvicon camera tube is a variation of the Videcon. In this tube all three colours are detected. The picture shows the tube within its housing. The latter holds the scan coils in the main tube and the signal processing circuit in the rectangular base unit. Spring fingers connect the processing unit to the metal ring at the front of the tube leading to the target.
This second picture shows the end window of the tube protected behind the front of the housing. The tube itself has a blue glass filter forming the end window.
The third picture shows the tube removed from the housing. The coloured window is visible as is the rectangular target within. The main body of the tube commences at the extreme right with a conventional electron gun. The base had high voltage wire connecting to it for the cathode etc. This suggests that the target will be run close to ground potential. Additionally the base unit had four LEDs equispaced around the side of the gun.
The end window envelope is 17 mm in diameter and, excluding the special base pins, is 106 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Updated January 08, 2013.
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