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This dismantled magnetron is included here because of the detail to be seen in the machining of the copper cavities.
The device may have been experimental as the central filament appears to be surrounded by a cathode tube. Three connections exist opposite to the anode connection.
This magnetron is intriguing. It is of the 'rising sun' type but the strapping arrangements look unusually complex. We guess it is strapped to operate in C Band. Also, the provision of three heater/cathode supports is most unusual. Some details of the seals and output probe seating suggest that it is British-made and dates from the mid-1940s.
Strapping: to over simplify, this process equalised the potential on alternate cavities and reduced arcing and thus increased working life.
The envelope is 62 mm in diameter and, 45 mm front to back. The overall length is 190 mm.
References: Private communication and observation.


Updated November 11, 2020.
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