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The SD6/12/10 appears to be the companion rectifier to the TS6 pulse power triode.
The base has four pins. The outer pins connect to the filament and the middle pins connect to the anode.
The glass distorts the image. The filament consists of 12 strands of bright wire. Top and bottom the strands are in a pair the others are individually spaced.
The electrodes seen along the length of the filament. The tension spring is at the far end.
The balloon envelope is 100 mm in diameter, and excluding the base pins is 130 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Updated April 30, 2013.
shape:balloon construction:all.glass type:rectifier.hw age:1930.1940 base: heater:2.0v pins:4 pin:
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