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The DG12C is an eight segment display, capable of generating both numbers and signs.
Vacuum fluorescent display tubes share more in common with a cathode ray tube than they do with the Nixie tubes they tend to mimic. A VFD tube has a low voltage filament which is energized in a vacuum, causing electrons to boil off. Metal plates covered with a phosphor coating are charged to between 15 and 50 volts, causing electrons leaving the filament to strike the plates and illuminate the phosphor. Later models of VFD also have a control grid, a metal screen that is placed between the digit and the filament. The control grid acts as a valve, allowing the digit to be turned on or off without the need to power down and re-heat the filament
The display has a right decimal point and a left colon indicator. Digit height is 11 mm.
The metal mesh over the active display areas.
The base connections.
The thin glass tube envelope is 12 mm in diameter, and excluding the base wiress is 51 mm tall.
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Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Updated August 08, 2015.
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