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Viewfinder Tube

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This viewfinder tube was made as a specific part for a camcorder and does not carry any identification. These special tubes often were left without identification. Like all such viewfinder tubes the quality of the engineering is superb and they are capable of displaying a high resolution TV picture.
The two diameter neck is designed so that the deflection coils can be wound directly onto the glass.
The electron gun: with the cathode to the left followed by accelerating anode, and focus anode. The final anode is the graphite coating inside the flare behind the phosphor screen.
The circular screen has a completely flat end window.
The six pin base, evacuation tube and within the neck is the electron gun.
The end window is 14.45 mm in diameter. The neck is 10.00 mm and 5.48 mm in diameter and excluding the base pins is 46.88 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Updated June 21, 2013.
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