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Viewfinder Tube

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This viewfinder tube was made as a bespoke part for a specific camcorder. High precision in manufacture ensures that the tiny tube can display high resolution TV images with excellent fidelity.
The electron gun: with the cathode to the left followed by accelerating anode, and focus anode. The final anode is the graphite coating inside the flare behind the phosphor screen. The glass bead seen in the neck holds the gun components rigidly in place relative to one another.
The six pin base, evacuation tube and within the neck is the electron gun all in close-up. The green glass support is under 7 mm in length.
The six pin base with evacuation tube.
Another view of the electron gun. Focus is electrostatic within the tube and X & Y deflection would be magnetic with external deflection coils.
The end window is 14.75 mm in diameter. The neck is 10.00 mm in diameter and excluding the base pins is 51.41 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Updated June 21, 2013.
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