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The QR132 is not a thermionic device but a quartz crystal. Such a large sheet of quartz will have a low resonant frequency, probably lower than 100 kHz and possibly down to audio. In use the very high Q of the crystal will keep an oscillator much more stable in frequency than an LC circuit. All crystal oscillators are subject to drift: 1, the crystal will age and change frequency slowly over time and 2, temperature will affect the frequency. It is possible to stabilise the temperature in an oven but I have never seen a crystal oven for use with glass envelope crystals.
Seen side on the thin sheet of quartz is fixed to the connections at one point only on each side.
The rear view with the quartz at a slight angle - possibly this has been knocked at some time.
The thin glass tube envelope is 18 mm in diameter, and excluding the B7G base pins is 60 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Updated February 11, 2013.
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