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The 9630 klystron seen here is complete with cavity and tuning mechanism. The base is B8B that was used in the late 1940's and gives the only clue to the age of this valve.
The complete housing seen side on. The base is 101 mm across and the casting is 93 mm tall. The overall length, excluding base pins, is 215 mm. The tuning knob is on the far left and the inner knob is a locking ring that compresses a collet onto the shaft.
This is a sbustantial assembly and clearly fixes into place with the four studs at the base.
The tuning adjustment works into a spring to remove backlash. The flange on the casting ensures that the mechanism cannot flex.
The wide glass tube envelope is 35 mm in diameter, and excluding the B8B base pins is 130 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Updated June 01, 2013.
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