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This exhibit is an Iconoscope television camera tube. One label carries part of the words British Broadcasting Corporation but no type number can be seen.
The construction of the tube is quite simple beyond the electron gun unlike the RCA Iconoscope 1846.
The electron gun assembly in a 35 mm diameter tube. The beam would be deflected magnetically to scan the light sensitive target. At the base end the electrodes can be seen fixed into a glass disc at what would have been the end of the pinch stem. Clearly a hybrid of old and new construction methods.
The Ct8 base.
The wide cylinder housing the target. There are three connections and what appears to be two evacuation tubes. The side connection looks to be connected to the gold bands. The other two connections are to the light sensitive plate.
The back of the main part of the envelope.
Looking through the domed faceplate towards the light sensitive surface.
The end window envelope is 180 mm in diameter, and excluding the Ct8 base pins is 470 mm tall.
References: Observation.


Updated June 28, 2014.
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