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This exhibit is marked as No. 1, WY2232 and Unit Thermocouple. It looks to be a bolometer for the measurement of non-sinusoidal RF power. The side arms are probably a resonant dipole at the intended microwave frequency and a very small amount of RF will heat the bead and alter the parameters as read from the base connections via a bridge circuit.
The horizontal arms connected to the bead are 37 mm from tip to tip and this equates to a dipole tuned to around 3.3 GHz, a frequency used in centi-metric radar during WWII.
The working electrodes with the dipole at the right.
A close-up of the mica sheet holding the electrodes. The central bead is very small and the power it would respond to was minute.
The central components.
The balloon envelope is 64 mm in diameter, and excluding the IO base pins is 143 mm tall.
Reference: Observation.


Updated December29, 2014.
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