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This X-Ray tube was made in Germany and repaired by Cuthbert Andrews Limited. The company made X-ray apparatus for medical use.
Mullers of Hamburg appointed Cuthbert Andrews as General Manager of a London works from 1910. After his death in 1975 the company was restructured and changed its name to Everything X-Ray Ltd.
The anode and evacuation pip.
The cathode is a sharp point.
The German inscription etched into the glass.
The indication that Cuthbert Andrews repaired this tube.
An X-Ray of the tube showing the electrodes sheathed in glass for most of their length.
A positive image of the X-Ray negative.
The balloon envelope is 150 mm in diameter, and including the base pins is 380 mm tall.
References: Science Museum & www.everythingxray.co.uk. Type Gas-Tube was first introduced in 1920. See also 1920 adverts.


Updated July 20, 2014.
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