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The HR1/60/0.5 is a small industrial cathode-ray tube. The first digit 1 indicates a single beam tube, the 60 is the screen diameter in mm and the 0.5 is the final anode voltage expressed in kV. The first anode voltage is 180 V.
The deflection sensitivities are 0.18 mm/V and 0.13 mm/V. The X and Y capacity is 3.5 pF and the grid capacitance is 11.5 pF.
The electron gun and focus electrodes.
The maker's name and the feint Type designation etched into the glass.
The screen maximum diameter is 61 mm. The X plates can be seen between the internal colloidal graphite coating and the screen.
The footless base pins with a central contact at the end of the spigot.
Thanks to Pieter van Duyvenbode, MSc. For supplying the above information.
The wide glass tube envelope is 42 mm in diameter, and excluding the footless base pins is 145 mm tall.
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Absolute Maximum Operating Conditions
Updated April 16, 2019.
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