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The Two Margarets

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This collection was purchased by the museum in 2023 and dedicated to the two Margarets, now sadly departed.
My mother Margaret Wyatt was, as a young woman, trapped for a time under the rubble of the family home after it was hit by a bomb during the London Blitz. They lost everything and this experience had a profound lifelong effect. My mother hoarded soap and loo rolls and subconsciously objected to my keeping the things I had collected when I went to college. A rare Leak amplifier with a pair of PX25's was scrapped as was my entire valve stock, a Bush TV22 and much more. We never found out why my stuff could not be stored in the roof.
My mother-in-law Margaret Brooker was brought up in Three Bridges in Sussex but even there the war was not far away. A blast knocked her of her bicycle and she lost her front teeth.
When our daughters were small it was the Brookers who provided the support as they lived closer than my parents. Our patch of Sussex clay provided decades of 'fun' trying to forge a respectable garden.
They are both missed.
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