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The Radio Valve Company of Canada was incorporated in November 1922. It was formed with the purpose of separating from the Canadian General Electric company the manufacture and sale of valves and took over the CGE plant in Toronto.

In March 1923 Marconi Canada signed an agreement with CGE and RVC that gave RVC an equal capital input from Marconi and General Electric together with rights to use the patents of both companies up to the end of 1944. In return RVC undertook not to supply or sell valves to any one else other than the Canadian Marconi Company and Marconi Canada agreed to buy all of its valves from RVC. Additionally RVC undertook to supply the Canadian General Electric company with valves at a price equal to that offered to Marconi plus a 10% profit.

Reference: The Early Development of Radio in Canada, 1901-1930: An Illustrated History. Robert P Murray.

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