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The Saga of the Marconi Osram Valve

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A new definitive history by Barry Vyse & George Jessop.

This new book (2001) is a complete and detailed history of Marconi-Osram Valve, one of the great names in the early days of wireless communications. With 346 pages and over 500 illustrations, many in colour.

The Saga is a must for all interested in valves.
Hardback @ £35.00
Softback @ £25.00
Send a cheque payable to Vyse Ltd to:
Vyse Books, 14 Cranbourne Drive, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 1BZ or call 020 8866 4428.

Electronics was born in 1904 with the invention of the thermionic diode. From then on up to c.1960, thermionic valves were THE technology; the high-tech devices of their day that drove the state-of-the-art and which made possible the revolutionary new systems that reshaped our world: wireless, television, communications, computers, radar, scientific instruments and equipment of all kinds.

Marconi-Osram Valve was involved in the valve business right from the beginning. It became one of the world's great Companies; not large in size nor huge in financial muscle by modern standards but outstanding in its contribution to science, technology and industry over an extended period.

M-OV was born of famous parents in exciting times. It was founded by Lord Hirst, an entrepreneur of stature and vision who believed in individual flair and a supportive and 'can do' culture. Its history covers 100 years, three generations, two world wars and the great developments in broadcasting in the post war periods. The history is intertwined with Marconi, EMI, RCA, Osram and the GEC itself over virtually the whole period of electronics.

George Jessop, one of the authors, joined M-OV in 1926 and his father worked on the same site for twenty years before that - facts that make this history more personal, more informed, more of an insider's story than would be the norm!

So, this is a history of valve-making with particular emphasis on wireless valves from which it all began. It is also the history of Marconi-Osram Valve one of the world's foremost enterprises whose genius did so much to advance the state-of-the-art in the new science of electronics.

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