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American Service Valve Equivalents

Wireless World, September, 1946.
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Corresponding Civil Types

We published in the August, l945, issue a list of British Service valve equivalents, and since then many readers have written asking if we can identify various American types. No claim to completeness is made for the following list, but we have found that it answers all the enquiries we have so far received and we think that it will be useful as it stands.

The short list of 'JAN' serials at the end of the main list gives the few types in which the 'JAN' number differs from the normal civil number.

To avoid confusion with RAF types, some of which also bear 'VT' numbers, two appendices are given. Appendix A indicates those valves which are not immediately distinguished by their British or American bases, and Appendix B gives types which have different 'VT' numbers in the British and American Services.

Suffixes A, B, C, D to a 'VT' serial generally distinguish between M, G, GT or GT/G, though not necessarily respectively.

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