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Printed Circuits

Wireless World, June, 1948.
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A two-stage gramophone amplifier with all wiring printed in Elargol.

A silvering process which is applicable to many kinds of insulating materials including plastics such as polystyrene and polyethylene has been developed by Ward, Blenkinsop and Co. Ltd., 6, Henrietta Place, London, W1.

The colloids employed are known as Elargols and contain a very high percentage of pure silver. They are available as liquids, pastes or powders and application is by printing, brushing or spraying.

The printing process has been developed with particular regard to its use in the production of radio apparatus and some examples, including a complete receiver and a gramophone amplifier, were shown and demonstrated at the British Industries Fair at Olympia. Another example was a 0.0005 inch thick polyethylene strip, silvered on one side, for use in the construction of fixed capacitors.

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