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21st National Radio Show

The Radio Constructor, October, 1954.
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An experimental transistor portable radio receiver which was shown on the GEC Stand. This receiver incorporates 3 point contact transistors, 5 junction transistors and a point contact diode. It operates off 3 No. 8 batteries incorporated in the body of the set, drainage for a 100 mW hour is 9 V 30 mA (270 mW). (Photo by courtesy of GEC)

Pye gave a very effective demonstration of 3D television, in which the screen had to be viewed through Polaroid spectacles of the type used at the cinema. A 3D television camera was directed at a model on the stand, the resultant signals being shown on display units. These units employed a 45° mirror on which, apparently, were directed two CRT's through Polaroid filters.

The GEC 912 and Mullard 5-10 home construction amplifiers were shown on their respective stands. GEC, to add realism gave an excellent demonstration of stereophonic reproduction, including an incredibly realistic impression of a train passing through the auditorium!

As well as discs, hi-fi is now available on tape; and HMV are just on the point of releasing high fidelity tape recordings to the market.

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