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New Valves for High Quality Radar Systems

The Radio Constructor, June, 1960.
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A new Q band magnetron and a new X band klystron, both intended for use in high quality radar systems, have been introduced by Mullard and were shown for the first time at the Instruments Electronics and Automation exhibition.

The magnetron, type JP35-80, has been designed for very short pulse operation and is especially suitable for high-definition, short range radar. It operates at a fixed frequency in the range 34.512 GHz to 35.208 GHz, and will deliver a nominal peak power output of 80 kW (60 kW minimum) at a pulse current of 17.5 A.

Features of the valve are its low anode voltage requirements (maximum pulse voltage is 17 kV); the use of a dispenser type cathode to help ensure a long working life; and the incorporation of a getter to provide good shelf life.

The design of the waveguide output system and mounting flange enables the valve to be used in applications requiring a pressure seal. A low velocity air flow is sufficient for cooling purposes. The valve is packaged, and has an overall weight of 7.5 lb. Its physical dimensions are 20.1cm x 10.1cm x 13.5 cm.

The klystron, type KS9-30, is designed primarily for use as a local oscillator in high quality X band radar systems. It has a wide mechanical tuning range of 8.5 GHz to 9.6 GHz and over this band will deliver a minimum output of 30 mW.

Features of the KS9-30 are its rugged construction and high frequency stability. The latter is achieved chiefly through the construction of the tuning cavity, which, although an integral part of the valve, is external and thus is isolated from the effects of variations in beam current.

The KS9-30 is electrically and mechanically equivalent to the American type VA203B.

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