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Pifco Radiometer

Wireless World, December 2, 1931.
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The Pifco Radiometer advert.
The points at the bottom are 82mm apart and the pins are 22mm long.
The case is brown Bakelite and front to back is 48mm.
Inside of the back is the holder for single dry cell. This enables continuity measurements to be made.
The rear of the case with the back fitted. The terminals are for the insertion of the filament pins of a B4 or B5 based valve. The holes in the plastic allow the other pins to pass through.
The test prod pins are colour coded. Three pins are red as the negative for voltage measurements is connected by the flying lead. The fourth connection, the screw terminal visible, is coded black as it is the negative contact for current measurements.
The lower prods have holes in them to allow connection by wires fitted with banana plugs. Sadly the test leads supplied with the meter have not survived.
The visible part of the front glass is 53mm in diameter. The scales are non-linear. At full deflection on the eight Volt range the consumption is 40 mA. On the 240 Volt range the meter draws 25 mA.
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