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Low Light Level TV Camera Tube

Wireless World, October, 1969.
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The latest addition to the range of TV camera tubes manufactured by English Electric Valve Co. Ltd, combines the low-noise read-out of a 3in image isocon tube with the additional light amplification of a single-stage image intensifier. The resultant type P8012 tube will give good pictures under overcast starlight conditions. The intensifier stage, P899B, has a curved faceplate for use with a mirror optical system, though with a corrector lens fitted it can also be used with a refractive optical system. The intensifier output screen and the 3in image isocon (type P887) photocathode are both fitted with fused fibre optic faceplates, which coupled together provide an efficient transfer of the intensifier output image on to the photocathode of the isocon. Both the P899B and P887 can be supplied separately if required.

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