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Barrel Vision

Practical Television, July, 1951.
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The accompanying illustration shows how I overcame the problem of mounting a 12in. ex-Service tube. This is a standard firkin beer barrel with rubber draught excluder inlaid at one end, with putty and enamel for finish. French polishing the oak barrel was tiring but worth while. The base of tube is supported with sponge rubber and bungee. The cabinet was originally a pin-table. A 12-point plug enables the picture to be switched to either tube, 12in. or 6in., while controls mounted in front give full height or scan adjustment to suit either tube (CRT63 DS or 97). A barrel, pin-table and some ex-radar equipment now give me television on tap less 66 per cent. PT (66% purchase Tax), and has given me many interesting hours of construction, experiment and viewing.

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