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New Mullard High Power Triode for Industrial RF Generators

The Radio Constructor, October, 1956.
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The TY7-6000A.

The TY7-6000 is a new Mullard triode specially developed for use in industrial RF generators such as are used for RF heating. It will deliver an output of 6kW at frequencies up to 50 MHz and has been conservatively rated to ensure adequate margins of safety when used in industrial heating applications, where the valve may be subjected to mains and load variations, which can result in intermittent overloads.

The new triode is available in two versions, the TY7-6000A which is designed for forced air cooling, and the TY7-6000W which is a water-cooled version. The maximum permissible anode dissipation is 6,000 Watts in either case, and anode voltages up to 7kV may be used. The valves have directly heated thoriated tungsten filaments, and external anodes.

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