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G5VS Amateur Radio Station

Wireless World, April 24, 1936.
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Station G5VS, owned and operated by Mr Victor Simms, Southend-on-Sea.

An unusually ambitious amateur radio installation is that of Mr Victor A Sims (G5VS), of 14, Kilworth Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, and the photograph gives a very good idea of the general layout.

The transmitter, which is on the left, consists of crystal oscillator, first and second frequency doublers and power amplifier using the following valves: DE5B, LS5B, LS5B and P650. Battery grid bias is employed. Keying is effected by breaking the negative grid bias feeds to both the second frequency doubler and the power amplifier. Underneath and to the right is the speech amplifier giving an undistorted output of 25 Watts. To the right of this is the power pack, feeding both transmitter and speech amplifier and consisting of a 500-0-500 transformer and a Tungsram full-wave rectifier followed by two 4 μF. 750 V tested TCC smoothing capacitors. Next can be seen the distribution panel.

The aerial system is the Well-known 'Zepp' fed antenna, the 'dummy' being dropped for transmission on 1.7 MHz.

The short-wave it receiver comprises a screen grid valve as detector and a steep slope pentode with high amplification as the output valve. To the right of the table is the eliminator gear for the 1.7 MHz receiver, and the broadcast receiver on the shelf above. On the floor to the left can be seen the gramophone turntable and a BTH generator which, however, is not now used, the mains supply having recently been changed over to 230 Volt 50 cycle AC.

Mr. Sims extends an invitation to enthusiasts who may find themselves in Southend to visit the station.

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