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Mullard Triodes for UHF Tuners.

Wireless World, June, 1963.
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Mullard have recently introduced two important high-frequency triodes - the PC86 and the PC88 - which have been developed specifically for operation in Bands IV and V. The PC88 is designed as a UHF RF amplifier, and the PC86 as a self-oscillating mixer. Both valves use frame grids: the accuracy and rigidity of this construction enables a very small spacing to be used between the anode and grid, so that the necessary high value of mutual conductance is achieved. To reduce grid-lead inductance, the grid of the PC88 is specially connected to five base-pins, and that of the PC86 to three. To improve the stability of the PC88 further, the valve capacitances are minimised by the use of a single-sided electrode structure.

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