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English Electric Pulse Tetrode Type C1149/1.

Wireless World, August, 1963.
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A new pulse tetrode, C1149/1, for use in radar modulators has been produced by the English Electric Valve Company. Features of this valve, which is a develop- ment of the C1133, include a strengthened electrode assembly, to reduce the chance of short circuits under vibration and a cathode coating which is claimed to be immune to flaking and peeling. The base pins have been made more pliant to minimize glass breakage. The valve is specified to withstand intermittent vibrations up to 50g from 20Hz to 1,500Hz, and each valve is subjected to a shock test of 200g. The pulse output power is rated at 330kW with a maximum anode dissipation of 60W at 20kV and a pulse current of 18A.

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