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110° TV CRT's.

Wireless World, February, 1959.
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Two television cathode-ray tubes with the new 110° deflection angle are now available from Siemens Edison Swan, Ltd., 155, Charing Cross Road, London, WC2. They are the 17-inch CME1703 and the 21-inch CME2101. Both are electrostatically focused types with rectangular aluminized screens. The increased scanning angle gives a reduction in overall length, compared with Ediswan-Mazda 90° tubes, of about 2.5 inches for the 17-inch type and about 5.5 inches for the 21-inch type. Neck diameters are also reduced (to make the deflection coils as effective as possible in scanning the wider angle) and this necessitates the use of the small B8H base for the connections. The electron guns are straight types with no ion traps. Improved screens with silver activation (introduced also in other new Ediswan-Mazda types) are claimed to give 20% more light output for a given EHT voltage than those of previous tubes. Incidentally, the firm has also brought out two new frame scanning valves for use with the 110° tubes, the 30P18 and 30PL13.

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