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Studio 5

Wireless World, October, 1960.
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A vast area for large productions

Claimed to be the largest studio ever built for television, Associated Rediffusions recently opened Studio 5, at Wembley, Middlesex, has a 14,000 sqft floor area for production use. This area can be divided in two for less-than-mammoth productions by a double partition weighing 50 tons and consisting of mild-steel slabs four inches apart with a three-inch rock-wool filling. This partition provides an acoustic loss of over 60dB from 50Hz up to 4.5kHz.

Some of the studio-floor equipment. First four in the line up are EMI image-orthicon cameras.

Two control rooms are provided, each with full control over the whole studio. The vision equipment, which includes ten image orthicon cameras and 50 21-in monitors, was supplied by EMI Electronics Ltd, who also carried out all the 'technical' wiring and installation, using 45,000ft of vision and 104,000ft of sound cables. The vision equipment can function on 625- or 405-line systems and, with a change in mains frequency to 60Hz, 525 lines. Conversion from one standard to another is said to take only 20 minutes. For lighting, a 500-kVA supply feeds two patch-boards, each controlling 340 circuits for each half-studio. These are arranged in a manner similar to the vision control arrangements, in that the whole supply is available to each patch-board.

Sound-proof dividing partition in the 'lowered' position.
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