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New AC/DC valves

Wireless World, December, 1948.
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Five new AC/DC valves with 100 mA heaters have been introduced by Mullard Electronic Products, Century House, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2.

They are mounted on B8A bases and their type numbers are as follows:-

  • UCH42 triode hexode frequency changer with a 14 Volt heater.
  • UAF41 UAF42 vari-μ pentodes with single diodes. Both have 12.6 volt heaters.
  • UL42 output pentode that produces 4.2 Watts at 10% distortion with an HT of 165 Volts. the heater voltage is 45 Volts.
  • UY41 half wave HT rectifier with a maximum output of 90 mA. The heater rating is 31 Volts.

Mullard also announced a change in nomenclature for two RF power double tetrodes. In future the QV04-20 and QV07-40 will be known as QQV04-20 and QQV07-40 respectively.

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