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An all Electric Gramophone

The Wireless Constructor, April, 1928.
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The electric gramophone of the Cromwell Engineering Co. incorporates an Igranic-Pacent pick-up.

Many readers who experiment with gramophone pick-ups will be interested in the electric gramophone, complete with Igranic-Pacent pick-up, - submitted for test by the Cromwell Engineering Company.

The instrument, the general appearance of which can be gathered from the photograph, consists of a cabinet and a turntable driven by a high-grade and perfectly silent electric motor, which runs from the mains through a lamp resistance, which also serves to provide illumination to the turntable.

A prolonged test showed that the motor ran perfectly uniformly, and the speed regulation was all that could be desired. The well-known Igranic pick-up is fitted, and when used in conjunction with a two-stage note-magnifier gave perfect reproduction (on a moving coil type of loud speaker) from a modern electrically recorded gramophone record. A noticeable feature is the provision of a terminal joined directly to the frame of the motor so that this can be earthed if trouble should arise with very sensitive amplifiers.

The motor, which is of the universal type, runs on any voltage from 80 to 115 DC or AC, or with a series resistance (built inside the cabinet up to 250 Volts if required. The current consumption is 0.4 ampere.

Although primarily designed for pick-up work, a horn and tone arm are provided, so that when desired an ordinary sound box can be attached and the gramophone used as an electrically driven instrument of the ordinary type.

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