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362 Introduce the PX50

Wireless World, November 29, 1935.
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The PX50 with its special base alongside one of the UFC series.

High-power Triode and Heptode

Additions to the range of valves marketed by The.362 Radio Valve Co., Ltd, of Stoneham Road, Northwold Road, Upper Clapton, London, E5, are the PX50 and UFC valves.

The former is a large output triode having a filament rated for 6 Volts at 2 Amperes. It is intended for operation with an HT supply of 500 Volts, and with a grid bias of -70 Volts it consumes an anode current of 100 mA. Its internal AC resistance is 800 Ω and it has a mutual conductance of 6.0 mA/ V. When operated with a load impedance of 7,500 Ω, the makers claim an output of 13 Watts. The valve is priced at 50/-.

The UFC valve is a heptode frequency-changer of the Universal type. It is especially interesting in that its heater rating of 6.5 Volts at 0.3 Ampere enables it to be used in car radio sets where only a 6 Volt accumulator is available. It is fitted with a 7-pin base and priced at 15/-.

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