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Projection Television - Optics Servicing.

Mullard Outlook, May, 1954.
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Arrangements have now been made for the factory servicing of Optical and EHT Units used with the Mullard Cathode Ray Tube MW6-2. Details of this service, which will do much towards reducing servicing costs, are given below, but it must be emphasised here that units should be returned to the receiver manufacturer concerned and not to Mullard Ltd.

Optical Units

Optical assembly.

Complete reconditioning, including replacement of corrector lens and mirrors and re-alignment will be covered by an inclusive charge of 5 guineas, less normal trade discounts.

EHT Units

EHT Unit.

Overhaul of these units can be under-taken at a cost to the dealer of 4 guineas less normal discounts. It must be mentioned, however, that certain defects render units unsuitable for repair. These are: bad dents, swollen can (through coil burnt out), loose bottom, leaks for any other cause and also cases in which the glass pearl is broken. In any event, units may be repaired only once.

Please examine defective units for any of these faults before returning to the set manufacturer, and when forwarding ensure that they are carefully and securely packed.

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