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Sir Oliver Lodge

Wireless World, October, 1940.
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The late Sir Oliver Lodge.

The name of Sir Oliver Lodge, FRS, who passed away at the age of 89, at his home at Amesbury, Wilts, on August 22nd, will be recorded in the annals of wireless telegraphy as the pioneer of tuning. It was in 1889 that he conducted his now famous experiment with 'syntonic jars' and a few years later, in 1897, he took out a patent, No. 11575, entitled 'Improvements in syntonized telegraphy without wires'.

Another outstanding contribution to wireless made by Sir Oliver Lodge was his annular-gap electro-magnet, which was the fore-runner of moving-coil speakers. At the early age of 26 he took the degree of Doctor of Science.

Students of Birmingham University, from its foundation in 1900 when he was appointed principal, until his retirement in 1919, will ever remember his kindly personality and his great gift as an expounder. In 1932 he was awarded the Faraday medal by the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

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