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New AVO Valve Tester

Wireless World, September 22, 1938.
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The well-known Avo valve tester was reviewed in The Wireless World for May 7th,1937, and it will be remembered that it consists of a 'tester' and two valve-panels. The tester is the heart of the instrument and contains the indicating meter, mains equipment and control switches. The valve panels each have twenty valve-holders and are connected to the tester by a 9-way cable and plug; one panel is for British and the other for American valves.

With the growth in the number of valves and the increase in the number of bases these panels no longer accommodate all types and they have been replaced by a new panel. This new panel has twelve valve-holders: British 5, 7, 9-pin, octal, 5, and 8 contact, American 4, 5, 6, 7 pin and octal, and Continental 7-pin. In addition there are four blanks, so that new holders can be fitted in the future if they should be necessary.

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