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The 'Talkatome' Sound for Home Movies

Wireless World, April 6, 1932.
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Synchronised Turntable for Converting Silent Film Projectors.
The 'Talkatome' sound-reproducing equipment coupled to a standard home cinema projector. On the left are a special mains operated amplifier and a combined screen and loud speaker; these are needed only when a suitable radio set or radio gramophone is not available.

Home cinema enthusiasts who have 16 mm projectors will doubtless be interested in the recently introduced Talkatome equipment, by means of which their apparatus may be converted from silent film to talkie.

The essential part of the new system consists of a synchronised turntable for large diameter disc records, which are run at 33⅓ revolutions per minute by means of a flexible coupling linked to the projector sprocket spindle. Tone and volume controls as well as a Varley pick-up, are all included, and the only extra electrical connections necessary are leads between the turntable and the pick-up terminals of an existing radio receiver or radio-gramophone, and to the mains for supplying current to a lamp.

Practically any of the well-known projectors - Ensign, Kodascope, Bell and Howell, etc. - may be operated with the Talkatome; where necessary a small gear box is supplied with the coupling mechanism in order to correct the turntable speed. Synchronism of film and sound at the moment of starting is ensured by a clear indicating mark on the record and a 'start' indicator on the film. Operation seems to be entirely simple and straightforward, and perfect synchronism is maintained.

The success of an appliance of this sort obviously depends to some extent on the availability of a lending library of films, embracing a range of subjects catering for all tastes. Realising this, the manufacturers (British Talkatome, Ltd., Wells Street, Jermyn Street, London, SW1), have already prepared a well-chosen nucleus, comprising travel, educational, comedy, and other films, including a number of examples from the Co-Optimists repertoire.

The complete synchronised turntable costs 25 guineas; a special amplifier and a combined screen loud speaker are also available for purchasers who do not already possess suitable apparatus.

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