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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1914

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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The Round-Marconi triode, one of the early practical amplifying valves

This year was marked by the most momentous advance so far described in our pages-the practical introduction of the triode, which had got off to a false start in 1907. This was used in 'a practical standard set for wireless telephony' developed by Marconi. This transmitter took lO-12mA from a 500V dry battery and was stated to have a range up to 45 miles. Hardly any details were given.

The huge primary winding of one of the 'jiggers' (aerial coupling transformers) for the 300kW synchronous spark transmitter at Caernarvon

The Marconi transatlantic station at Caernarvon was opened, working on the ..timed spark' system in which more-or-less continuous waves were produced by overlapping spark discharges in appropriate phase. The 'tone wheel', a mechanical beat-frequency generator for CW reception was introduced in Germany.

Marconi combined transmitter and receiver for wireless telephony (1914)
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