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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1919

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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With the end of the war, articles of the 'it-can-now-be-revealed' type were printed. One of the developments disclosed was the multi-stage RF amplifier with semi-aperiodic couplings.

A famous RF amplifier-detector - the Marconi 55A with V24 type valves

Valves were now being produced by improved processes and the 'soft' kind was fast disappearing. The generation of oscillations (by van der Pol) on a wavelength as short as 3.65m was considered a notable advance. Eccles suggested the moden valve nomenclature; diode, triode, tetrode and pentode. We were not quite at our best in editorially stigmatizing these now-universal terms as 'too academic and refined to become familiar'. High-power transmitting valves were now being made, allowing Marconi to span the Atlantic by telephony in daylight.

Amateur transmitting licences were not restored by the Post Office until a year after the war had ended; this delay caused much complaint.

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