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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1926

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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Wireless World 'Everyman 4' receiver (1926) set a new standard in range and selectivity for broadcast receivers

So far as we were concerned, the event of the year was the introduction of the 'Everyman Four', a receiver design of outstanding performance produced by us for home constructors. The feature of the set, which survived for many years in various modifications, was a high-gain neutralised RF stage with coils of exceptional 'goodness', based on the classical work of Butterworth and on tests of coils submitted by readers.

Details of the low-loss coils used in the 'Everyman 4'

The first mains-operated broadcast set (Gambrell) made its appearance. The series-connected 60-mA valve filaments were heated with rectified current from the HT supply source. Battery eliminators were now commonplace.

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