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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1934

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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Several high-definition television systems were now being described and Zworykin's 'Iconoscope' camera tube was announced. Apparently the audience of the Baird 30-line broadcasts was greater than we had thought; publication of a proposal to suspend the transmissions brought, within the week, protests from a large number of readers. No doubt the transmissions on this system, crude as it was, did a great deal to stimulate work on television; some correspondents were now using cathode-ray receivers.

The introduction of suitable valves now made practicable the 'universal' AC/DC receiver, Without a transformer.

Our contributor 'Cathode Ray' started his inimitable series of expository articles in 1934. Apart from his services as a talented and sympathetic expositor of the trickier aspects technology he has been a doughty fighter against the many irrational and confusing technical terms which make life so difficult for the student and beginner. And 'Cathode Ray' has won many of his battles: few of us now dare to speak of 'non-linear distortion' unless we really mean it is the distortion which is non-linear!

Marconi-Stille steel tape recorder

Other innovations of the year: investigations of the effect of sunspots on HF propagation: the Marconi-Stille magnetic wire recorder: high-note speakers (tweeters): the wireless World Quality Amplifier, with resistance-coupled push-pull, which set a standard for high-quality reproduction for many years: the Voigt domestic corner horn loudspeaker.

An historic high-quality loudspeaker; the Voigt domestic corner horn in its original form (1934)
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