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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1935

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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The scene was now set for the start of a regular British television service next year and it was decided that alternative test transmissions should be made on the Marconi-EMI system (405 lines interlaced; characteristics basically as at present) and a new Baird system (240 lines with sequential scanning; 25 frames per second). One of the television systems much discussed was the 'intermediate film', with a time delay of about half a minute; it was easier to scan the film image than the direct scene.

Forerunner of the (transistor) pocket portable; chassis of a super-regenerative valve set (1935)

Our 'Diallist' now started his non-stop radiations of his random and highly individualistic commentary on the happenings of the times. Some developments of the year: Armstrong's frequency modulation in America: the electron multiplier: 'all-wave' tuning and refinements like ,contrast expansion and automatic selectivity control in broadcast receivers: public address became important.

Characteristics of the Marconi-EMI television system as first issued in 1935
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