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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1937

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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Gugliemo Marconi who died in July 1937, aged 63

Now that regular transmissions had started, television became the centre of interest and was much discussed both in theory and practice. The first 4O5-line commercial receiver to be reviewed was an HMV model giving a picture 10in by 6in viewed indirectly in an inclined mirror. The vision unit had a 'straight' six-stage RF amplifier, the sound receiver being a superheterodyne. Deflection was magnetic and the set, complete with aerial, cost 95gns (95 x 21/- or £99.75). After a few weeks' trial the Baird 240-line transmissions were discontinued, leaving the 405-line system, basically as it is today, as the British standard. One of the first television outside broadcasts was that of the coronation procession of King George VI.

Designs for the home construction of ordinary broadcast receivers were now seldom offered in our pages; the readership was undergoing a change, as was shown by a questionnaire. About half our readers were now professionally concerned with radio.

The 'all-wave' broadcast receiver, often with three short-wave bands, was now firmly established and the complicated switching required had made the wafer switch almost universal.

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