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Wireless World Golden Jubilee review of 1948

Wireless World, April, 1961.
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The transistor, probably one of the half-dozen most significant radio devices of the half-century, was announced. What was now briefly described was the original point transistor produced by Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain in the Bell Telephon Laboratories.

The International Radio Convention, the first to be held since 1938, issued its decisions. Since the previous Convention in 1938, the highest frequency allotted had risen from 200MHz to 10,500MHz.

Sir Edward Appleton, whose pioneer scientific work paved the war for radar.

In brief: Appleton awarded the Nobel Prize for ionosphere researches; British sub-miniature valves, 10mm diameter, 25-mA filaments introduced by Mullard; frequency-shift keying now widely used for high-speed telegraphy; mobile radio licences granted more freely by the GPO.

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